Inland Northwest Traffic Accident Investigation, LLC, offers 3 Collision Investigation courses in addition to radar and laser speed enforcment training.
Technical Collision Investigation is designed to train patrol officers to identify, collect and preserve evidence at collision scenes which involve serious injury or death.  The emphasis of the instruction is to train officers to handle “at scene” investigations where a reconstruction of the crash will likely be needed, but no reconstruction expert is presently available to respond.  Officers attending this course need only have completed basic accident investigation training and had some experience investigating actual collisions.  40 Idaho P.O.S.T. training credits.
Advanced Collision Investigation covers techniques such as Conservation of Momentum and the investigation of crashes which involve pedestrians, motorcycles or commercial trucks.  Students should have previously attended at least one collision investigation course beyond basic academy training and have investigated several actual collisions.  40 Idaho P.O.S.T. training credits.
Motorcycle Collision Investigation and Reconstruction is dedicated solely to the investigation of crashes which involve motorcycles.  Students attending this course will learn to investigate and reconstruct motorcycle crashes from scene inspection, up to solving issues such as speed, and driver vs. passenger identification.  Attendees to this course should have completed an advanced collision course, or have considerable experience investigating crashes, or both.   40 Idaho P.O.S.T. training credits.
The training is presented in power point format.  Each student is provided with note taking materials which coincide with the presentation. Students who successfully complete the course(s) will be presented with a certificate of completion and Idaho P.O.S.T. will be notified of the training hours attended.
The host agency will be granted one tuition free placement for each five paid students in attendance.  .

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Inland Northwest
Traffic Accident Investigation
Idaho P.O.S.T. and Alaska A.P.S.C. approved courses in traffic collsion investigation and reconstruction, Radar and Laser Speed Enforcement.
Discount pricing is available for Host Agencies.