"I have been doing a lot of trial work, involving lots of expert preparation and cross examination.  Long story short, your reports, analysis, and the general work you do, is excellent, both in general and in comparison to other experts.  I really appreciate your time and attention you give to each case."

Shandor S. Badaruddin (attorney)
Moriarity,  Badaruddin and Booke, LLC
Missoula, Montana

"I utilized Dave Rochford's accident reconstruction services and have been very pleased with his work. Dave performed accident reconstruction and speed calculations in a serious semi (double trailers) v. auto collision resulting in a wrongful death case against FedEx.  The accident occurred on Interstate 90 in December with snowy and ice packed road conditions.
Dave documented and inspected multiple photographs of the accident, all vehicles and trailers involved in the accident, and the scene of the collision.  He was able to tie the damage on the vehicles to the physical evidence at the accident scene.  Utilizing this evidence, he was able to present very complex information to a jury in fashion that made it simple and easy for the jury to understand the dynamics of the accident and how it occurred.  His ability to help the jury correctly interpret the evidence proved essential in ensuring that justice was served.
In addition to reconstructing the accident sequence and estimating speed, Dave proved to be very detail-oriented and extremely knowledgeable with motor vehicle laws and regulations, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, and driving history records."

David R. Paoli
Paoli, Kutzman, P.C.
Missoula, Montana
TESTIMONIALS                (208) 771-0611

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